Hong Kong Yuanjian International Group Co., Ltd. is a group company registered in Hong Kong with internationalization, diversified investment and operation. With the mission of building a green ecological platform for international health industry and the mission of human health and longevity, the Group takes the integrity, quality service and professional glory as the spirit of enterprise, and provides comprehensive, full-cycle, high-quality personalized health services. The main business is to combine the economic thinking of the Internet with the concept of capital; to promote the Chinese health culture, to create an international turbulent health care and preventive medical service brand, to innovate employees and the public, to create a long-term health and trillions of wealth.



Hainan Life Valley International Health Green Eco-Industrial Park's international and innovative “Medical Health and Recreational Study” is a comprehensive supporting project for the production, study and research of the body. It is located in the historical and cultural “Changshou Square” of Qianlong Period, Jiazi Village Protection Site, Haikou Qiongshan International Airport. Changshou Village Jiazi Town Life Valley Hainan Mangrove Golf Engineering Co., Ltd. covers an area of ??5415.22 mu. The Industrial Park will be the chief scientist of the Nobel Prize winner of the quantum science scientist of the University of Cambridge, England, with the advisors of domestic and foreign academicians, medical scientists, entrepreneurs and health management experts; the Nobel scientist workstation, the domestic academician workstation, Austria BIRKEMAYE The Anti-Aging Research Institute, the Stanford University Translational Medicine Center, the Japanese Health and Longevity Medical Center, the National Medicine Master Workstation, and the Tsinghua University Peking University workstation are the scientific research support; the Internet Health Big Data Center is the guiding foundation; the introduction of international advanced health and disease prevention and control technology; International Health Education Base, International Medical Tourism Center, International Health Museum, TCM Health Training Camp, Cell Harmonic Resonance Healing Center, World Medicinal Botanical Garden and World Natural Health Tourism Area, Modern Anti-Aging Center, Preventive Medical Center, International Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment Medical Center, Biotechnology Engineering Center, International Intelligent Health Hotel, International Intelligent Health Community, International Conference and Training Center, International Health Training Base, Life Valley International Institute of Health Medicine and Life Engineering The industrial park, in accordance with the internationally advanced 10H standards, will create an international green ecological health and preventive medical park with international industrial chain layouts such as health, education, health care, preventive care, pension, vacation, cultural tourism, health management, etc. International, high quality, personalized full cycle health services.



VitOrgan Pharmaceutical Group is a biopharmaceutical group based in Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1954, it is the world's most advanced biopharmaceutical center. VitOrgan is a team led by German scientist Karl Eugen Theurer. It uses tissue cell stable preservation, controlled decomposition, specific active ingredient extraction, and targeting small molecule carriers. A series of living cytokines prepared by 58 international patent technologies such as olefinic modification, selective isotonic diffusion and quantum energy excitation. (KET) Living cell molecular therapy (KET-LCMT) cell viability therapy was established. The therapy has been recommended by the world's three major anti-aging institutions: the German Fussen Capital, Montreux Green Meadows in Switzerland and Jingjing, Switzerland, as the preferred brand for anti-aging. Former German Chancellor Conrad Adenauer carried with him and presented Vitorgan as a national treasure to the heads of state. The current German Chancellor Merkel agreed to use his portrait to advertise for Vitorgan. Stars and politicians from all over the world have chosen to use Vitorgan for health promotion and prevention of various diseases, creating a miracle and myth in the history of the German medical health industry. Vitorgan has passed the German BfArM certification, the EU CE certification and the US FDA certification, and has been included in the German Pharmacopoeia for more than 40 years, selling in more than 80 countries around the world, currently KET-LCMT live cell molecular therapy, in addition to anti-aging In addition, it has been widely used in menopause, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cancer prevention, rheumatism, sexual dysfunction, prostatitis, osteoarthrosis, obesity, depression and other diseases, and has achieved satisfactory results. effect. VitOrgan's logo has become a king in the field of anti-aging and chronic diseases. The miracle in the field of big health has made every user rise to the infinite respect and support of VitOrgan. The 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be awarded the top ten brands of the UN Millennium Development Goals.